About Us

Our humble little operation is in trouble, again.  We need to keep our Internet connection alive, to enable us to continue to support unique artists and to make their music available, please consider a modest donation to WildCat Records.  This will help us offset our operational expenses until we generate some viable income.  You will earn our endless gratitude, and, as a supporter, will be entitled to “freebies” of special advance and un-listed, rare albums.  You will also get an immediate “thank you” gift of the following as an MP3 download.  Each donation gets you your choice of one album for each increment of $5.00 USD.  If you already have these albums, you can also choose from any other WildCat titles as well!

1. Joe Phillips: “Postcard From Nashville”

2.  Scott Severin:  “Unknown Rider”

3.  Pearls Before Swine:  “Radio Pearls”

4.  John Schindler:  “Somebody Loves You”

5.  Christian Parker:  “Can’t Stop The World”

6.  Steve “Turbo” Thompson:  “Hunters of the Game”