Bop Tweedie

 Everything has weight and is constantly in motion.  I first met Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Actor/Poet/Artist Bop Tweedie in 1986 in New Haven, Connecticut.  He was the host of an alternative music showcase at a Punk Club, The Grotto.  The range of entertainment was mind-boggling, varying from Free Jazz to Appalachian Dulcimer to Poetry to an unusual mixture of Reggae/SKA/Techno/Blues.  The combinations were simultaneously engaging and thought-provoking.  At the time, I was unaware that all of these elements by this diverse group of talent were just like the mind of our Host.  To describe his poetry as “stream of consciousness” would be selling it short.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a songwriter who attacks his work with as much passion.  An accomplished multi-instrumentalist and visual artist, he also plays a pretty mean game of Golf.  I was surprised to find that his “day job” was that of a Registered Nurse.  Aside from his musical adventures on both coasts with several bands and as a solo performer, he is also a professional Actor, with many TV and Film credits ranging from NBC’s “Law And Order” to the kinky cult horror classic “Vampire Vixens From Venus.  “Straight from the heat of the ding, ding, ding.  Run like a thief in the night.   When testing the curfew in some foreign town or lying to yourself about life.   Evil collects in corners you chase out with a broom .  There’s a time for creativity.  There’s a time for sleep.”

Selections from his 1992 EP, yobuddydudeman.

Everything has weight
And is constantly in motion
Breathing’s controlled by a tiny point in the brain When in doubt Rely on devotion It’s the motion you make when you’re running away And while you’re running You’re spinning to infinity And while you’re spinning They’re coming to take you away

Once in a lifetime
You’ll wake to discover
Everything you ever learned was wrong
We could paint the ocean
Then tear it asunder
The pieces reveal what is basically wrong All alone Spinning to infinity Just out of reach And they’re coming to take you away

Hello earth people
I hope your flowers grow
With love from the sun
And your beautiful calm voices
I see progress
It makes me feel good inside
Soon you’ll hear lions roar
And finally open your eyes
Don’t be afraid if you see me spinning to infinity Just pack your bags I’m coming to take you away