Scott Severin

Scott Severin brings his enigmatic carnival ride to the WildCat artists’ roster.  He has mesmerized audiences and critics with gripping lyrics, wrapped in hard rocking masterpieces.  The soul of a poet lives inside this former New York City artist, now somewhere in Omaha.  His latest blockbuster, “Birdhouse Obbligato” is a breathtaking look into not only his world, but yours, as well.

Here is what some of the critics say:

“…will strike a chord with anyone with a wanderer’s spirit…”

“Birdhouse Obbligato is a diverse, literate, rocking collection. There is wisdom in these songs, more than a little mixed-up confusion, and always a deep humanity.”

“Leonard Cohen drops acid and wakes up singing for The Clash. Tom Waits takes a left turn at Captain Beefheart, and listens to The Fall & Warren Zevon, at a detox center in Algiers. Bukowski abandons alcohol, smokes weed and develops humility, Kerouc with a 6 string.”