Steve Turbo Thompson

Hunters Of The Game

The madman makes his WildCat debut with a special, completely re-mixed and newly-mastered version of a Classic!  A fusion of Rock, Pop, Reggae, Classical, Adult Contemporary, Jazz and more, this will totally blow your mind.  Brilliant musicianship is at the forefront, as this music business veteran,  skillfully plays dozens of instruments with soul and passion.  The original tracks were recorded in 1986 and were nearly lost for years, only to be given a new life in 2010 here at WildCat Records.  In a partnership with award-winning Producer/Engineer, Joe Phillips, Thompson displays all of the qualities that have made him an enduring icon on the musical landscape.

  Steve Turbo Thompson has been a performing artist all his life.  Classically trained, one day an infamous Blues man, BJ Johnson, showed him 3 chords in the key of E, with words to live by.  “You can make a living playing 3 chords.  Always stay 2 drinks behind the crowd.  Don’t drink beer, it makes you fat.  Nobody likes a fat musician…unless you’re famous.”

Steve has performed and toured with hundreds of well-known artists over the years.  Among them, Richie Havens, Arlo Guthrie, Herb Reed (of the original Platters), Juice Newton, Evelyn Champagne King.  He is also an award winning video director and film maker, as well as composing scores for TV, film.

(Note from Steve:  “This album is special to me.  And extra special thanks to Joe Phillips, A wonder person, producer, and friend.  Enjoy.”  – Turbo

$10.00 USD (MP3 Electronic Download)

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